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NO... awkward knots to come loose and drag behind your trailer.

NO... where is the duct tape?

NO... what did I do with the zip ties?

Ratchet strap tie down
Ratchet strap tie down
Ratchet strap tie down

Isn't it time to keep it simple and think safety first?

Made of high quality super tough materials
This is not brittle plastic!

  • Made of materials that are flexible not brittle when exposed to hot or cold weather 

  • Will not scratch anything - this is not made of metal

  • Secures your 2 or 1 inch ratchet straps in seconds

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Ratchet strap tie down

Why        Wrap A Doodle Doo?

Think Safety... simple containment of excess strap after tie down that conforms to DOT requirements... and is super easy and effortless to use.

  • Safety - Wrap A Doodle Doo is a secure alternative to tying the strap off.

  • Speed - Wrap A Doodle Doo is a faster alternative than duct tape, zip ties, knots, or bungees and your strap tail gets locked in place.

  • Convenience - Wrap A Doodle Doo requires no tools to operate or disposable materials and stays with your ratchet straps for storage, keeping them tangle free

  • Longevity - Wrap A Doodle Doo can be used over and over again, and it can withstand many years of use and abuse.

  • Protection - Wrap A Doodle Doo protects your straps from the cuts and tears they are subject to when using conventional methods.

Simply reel excess strap tail in, slide the unit onto the strap, lock down the strap tail and hit the road!

It is made of materials to withstand years of


Quit waving at DOT and secure your straps in seconds!

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