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About Wrap A Doodle Doo

Tie-Down Straps & Avoid DOT Fines
Anyone who uses tie-downs or ratchet straps will be interested in this new device that's designed to neatly wrap up loose straps and avoid untimely stops and fines by DOT.
The patented unique design of the Wrap A Doodle Doo is made from durable and flexible materials and lets you roll up 40 ft. of leftover strap. Also it's strong enough that you can drive over it without damaging it.
The device has a hand-cranked spool with a locking pin used to secure the crank and wind up excess strap tail. Then slide the unit over the tightened strap and insert the locking pin.
It eliminates the need to tie up the leftover strap or tuck it under something, and it works fast. It takes only seconds to wrap up leftover strap.
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